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What does it take to own a franchise?

Häagen-Dazs is committed to offering the best ice cream franchise opportunities to individuals who embody an entrepreneurial spirit and have achieved success in previous business ventures. High performing locations and strong brand messaging, promise to offer the Häagen-Dazs’ franchisee a super premium ice cream experience. 

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2. Discovery Process

To begin, you must complete our application
3. Franchise 
Disclosure  Document
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4. Discovery Day
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5. Franchise 
Let's make it official
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6. Site Review
Propose your desired
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7. Construction
Design and make it 
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8. Training
Häagen-Dazs University
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9. Shop Opens

Grand Opening Celebration
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1. I want more information about franchising with Häagen-Dazs - If you are seeking additional information please click the link below to provide your contact information and where you are interested in opening a shop. You will instantly be sent an email with additional information about our franchising process. A representative will also contact you to help answer questions and discuss our process with you further.  Get Started

After you review the information we provide and speak with a representative from Häagen-Dazs, you will offered the opportunity to complete an application and asked to provide us with third party documentation. Completion of this step is necessary in order to move forward in our process. Documentation may be, but not limited to, bank statements, verification of information provided in the application, etc.

3. Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) Review - We are happy to provide you our FDD at any time as per your request. We will ask for you to indicate receipt of the document for our record-keeping purposes.

 After review, and upon approval, of your application and third party documentation, you will receive an  invitation to Häagen-Dazs Shoppe Company Discovery Day at our headquarters in Minneapolis, MN. We have dates reserved each month and they are most often on Fridays. This is a one-day meeting and we can help with providing options for accommodations nearby. After completion of Discovery Day, we will notify you of our Franchise Award decision.

 Once you are awarded a franchise, we will work to execute a non-location specific Franchise Agreement with you.   

Steps 1-5 typically range from three to eight weeks for completion.

 You, the franchisee, will have the opportunity to identify a proposed Shop site. We, Shoppe Company, will  provide guidelines for analyzing the location and will conduct a site visit.

 We will provide you with support in designing the new Shop in addition to providing your architect with design information, which the architect uses to formalize the construction plans. Construction may begin after we approve the final plans. You may work with our list of preferred providers or select your own furniture, fixtures and finishes suppliers and construction contractors.

 We offer a nine day Häagen-Dazs University course that will prepare you and your shop Manager with the information and tools to be prepared to open your new shop. The course will be completed before your shop opens and is held in Minneapolis, MN.

Start scooping ice cream, making delicious desserts and have fun meeting your community!

Steps 6-9 vary greatly. While some projects can take six months to complete, other projects may take years for completion.